How this Corporate Catering platform is saving hours everyday with Kosmo

May 18, 2023
JJ Velaz
How this Corporate Catering platform is saving hours everyday with Kosmo

Delivery is a huge deal for Catering Platforms, specially when dealing with corporate customers. Today's case is about one of the first tech powered Catering companies in South East Asia with Singapore as their core market. They started doing delivery with their own fleet of drivers, but as they expanded, they had to turn to third-party services like Lalamove to keep up with the orders. The problem was that they had to manage each delivery provider separately, and they couldn't guarantee that the drivers assigned to deliver their catering orders were fully reliable.

That's when they got connected to Kosmo. After a quick intro and onboarding process, their catering delivery operations in Singapore completely transformed.

Kosmo totally changed the catering delivery game for this catering platform in Singapore. With Kosmo, they now have access to a bigger network of delivery providers, including Lalamove, Milkrun, pandago, Grab, GOGOX and many others.

Kosmo's autodispatch feature automatically assigns the most cost-effective and reliable delivery provider for each delivery. If they want the cheapest option, Kosmo will pick a provider based on their fees and availability.

Kosmo also allows their team to track all their deliveries in one place, no matter where the order came from or which provider is delivering it. And if a driver cancels, no big deal—Kosmo automatically reassigns to the next available provider without impacting the estimated delivery time sent to the customer.

But the key feature that made them move to Kosmo was the time they saved creating orders. This platform is a marketplace and they get many daily orders with multiple pickup and drop off locations. Before they had to group the orders by pickup location and do a bulk upload for each location. With Kosmo they can upload all their orders in one go and assign them to the best courier with one click, saving 1 hour each day. This allowed the company to move their logistics team from manual tasks to projects with higher impact on the customer experience and their growth

Overall, Kosmo makes delivery way simpler for this tech driven catering platform.  Plus, if they run into any issues, they can always rely on Kosmo's 24/7 customer service team to handle it.

Save hours every day with Kosmo

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