Everything you need to offer delivery

Our product stack can help you solve any step of the delivery process.
Our platform provides you with all the tools needed to integrate and automate local delivery - from placing orders, to automating the order allocation to tracking your orders in real time.


No-code solution to request couriers. Request a courier in a couple of clicks. Same as you book a taxi, request a courier. Access multiple last mile providers and pick the most suitable.

  • No integration needed.
  • Free. Pay for delivery as you use.
  • Save recurrent addresses for faster requests
Kosmo app
Delivery API for businesses


Seamless integration to solve all your delivery needs. Save hours and headaches of your logistics team by automating your deliveries with our easy to use API.

  • Designed to embed with your tech
  • Define smart allocation rules
  • Minimize fail rate with our in-house engine logic


The delivery options widget is a powerful tool which allows you to leverage our own layout and embed it easily in your own platform.

  • Significant reduction of integration time. Go live in 2 days.
  • Leverage our beautifully designed layout and avoid having to develop it in-house
  • Customize it with your own brand
Instant delivery
kosmo app tracking app


Offer transparent and accurate order tracking to your final customers. Empower them to be aware of every step of the journey by being proactive about communications.

  • Customize the tracking with your brand and logo
  • Reduce support issues by sharing every status update
  • Don't redirect your customers to providers websites, keep them in your own journey

All the features to manage your delivery

Live Tracking & Updates

We create consistent and predictable tracking experiences that keep you updated at every step of the process.


Automate your order allocation workflows with our flexible in-house algorithm.

Multi-Drops & Bulk Order

Save time and money by uploading multiple orders in one go. Define multi-drop flows to make your delivery more efficient.

Route Optimization

Trust our routing engine to define the best routes for your deliveries.

Contact Rider

Access the courier information and contact them to get updates on the order.

Live Support

No more calling unreachable customer service agents from multiple providers. We take care of every order that flows through our platform.