Customers want it fast and flexible

July 19, 2023
JJ Velaz
Customers want it fast and flexible

The world is changing and customers want faster and more flexible delivery options. They also want to be able to track the order in real time and to reach out the courier directly.

The most common order confirmation message is like this currently:

“Hey Peter, order confirmed. Your order will be delivered in 3-5 days”.

I mean, really? Why not offer more options and provide more accurate ETAs?

How it should be:

  • Peter choses when he wants the order to be delivered: “Tomorrow 4-4.30pm”
  • Peter gets a tracking link with all the live status changes and a way to contact the courier directly via whatsapp/chat

At Kosmo we are working on that. We provide with faster and more flexible delivery options to our partners so the final customer can benefit from it. By improving the Delivery Experience the conversion rate and the reorder rate of our merchants increase dramatically.

That applies to any of the industries we are serving, from food to e-commerce. If you think that’s interesting for your company we’d be happy to discuss and onboard you in our Beta program.

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