November 8, 2022

How Kosmo is solving the problem with ETAs

How Kosmo is solving the problem with ETAs

One of the common issues in the delivery industry is the lack of precise ETAs, and consequently, bad tracking to the final customer. 🤨

We believe that one of the key variables in a good delivery experience is to provide accurate ETAs and status updates to the final customer. It is surprising that many 3PLs don’t provide ETAs at all. ⏱️

At Kosmo we tackle it the following way:

→ when a 3PL has good ETAs we just pass them to our users 👌

→ when a 3PL has bad ETAs we built some logic to correct it and provide more accurate information 🤏

→ when a 3PL has no ETAs at all we built some logic to share some time windows for the user to have some estimation on when they will receive the order ⚙️

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