Kosmo Product Update - August 2023

September 4, 2023
Product Updates
Francesco Bassetti
Kosmo Product Update - August 2023

Hi everyone,

After the official launch of our Kosmo Driver app, in August our team focused on improving the drivers experience and making the app a powerful tool for both the fleets and their logistics teams

Find below the 4 most relevant product updates from August 2023, feel free to reach out to know what else is new in Kosmo!

Delivery Management Platform:

💰  Driver pay

Most last-mile delivery drivers are paid per drop with a distance component, particularly if drivers are freelancers or in the F&B industry. This dynamic structure often makes it challenging for drivers to calculate their earnings and for logistics teams to track their costs. Kosmo’s Driver Pay allows teams to configure their own driver’s pay scheme to automatically calculate the compensation for each delivery.

The real-time fee calculation will allow your team to easily keep track of the cost per order and will improve your drivers’ experience by showing their earnings for each job and calculating their daily and weekly earnings. Happy drivers = Happy customer

The driver pay settings allow to configure the pay scheme of drivers based on distance and/or number of drops
The drivers will know how much they will earn for each delivery or route

👥  Blast to teams

With the new Blast feature, logistics teams, instead of assigning each delivery to a single driver, can send (blast) the delivery tasks to one or multiple teams of drivers and the order will be assigned to the first driver to accept it.

This allows logistics teams to save time in the assignment of orders and increases the flexibility for drivers who can accept their preferred routes.

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Kosmo Driver (drivers app) :

💬  WhatsApp to contact customers

By popular demand of drivers, we added the WhatsApp button next to the customer’s contact information to simplify how drivers can communicate with recipients when needed. The button will immediately open the chat with the customer on the WhatsApp app. Other than WhatsApp, drivers can also easily call or send an SMS.

🇲🇾  Malay Language

It is now possible for drivers to select their preferred language between English and Malay. Our app Kosmo Drive is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all drivers, translating it to the most spoken language among our users is a further step in this direction. More languages to come soon!

If you have any questions or feedback or if you simply want to know more, feel free to reach out to your point of contact in Kosmo or directly to francesco@kosmo.delivery or jjvelaz@kosmo.delivery.

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