November 14, 2022

Why we work remotely

Why we work remotely

Last week someone asked me if it would be easier for Kosmo if we would be all sitting in the same office instead of working remotely.

Short answer: YES!

Long answer: NO!

There is a lot lost when working remotely. It is harder to connect with people and build trust. It is harder to know if someone is good or they are just free riding. You have the timezone issue (we are 70% of the team in Asia and 30% in Europe). Overall, feedback loops become longer.

But if you overcome those issues you become stronger. And I think we are in that stage right now. We have built a very solid culture in which we all trust each other. The timezone issue? Well, it’s an advantage. It allows us to have 4 hours of deep work on both sides while still having quite some overlap to catch up and communicate on ongoing topics.

And guess what? The fact that we are all in different countries has made it easier to launch new countries. As a SaaS platform it is easier to expand than if you are a brick and mortar business, but it still requires guts to do that. Being all in different countries has removed those imaginary frontiers that exist in the atlas map.

We now operate in 3 countries and aiming for 2 more before the end of the year.

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