April product update

July 19, 2023
Product Updates
Francesco Bassetti
April product update

Hi everyone,

April Last month we dedicated most of our roadmap to improve our existing platform and API to help our users to offer a better and more reliable experience to their customers.

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This month's updates:

🗺 Kosmo Optimisation

Our optimisation feature allows users to import or upload all their orders into Kosmo and easily batch them into different multi-stop deliveries significantly decreasing the cost of each delivery. Our optimization logic determines the most effective way to combine orders into multi-stop routes while taking into account constraints like the customers' address, the chosen delivery time, the size of the parcel, and other factors or preferences. Once the orders are batched, Kosmo further optimises each route to find the most efficient sequence of stops. All this can be done with just one click on our platform or through our API.

Select your orders and click "Optimize" to group them in the most efficient way

📦 Multi stop for draft orders

Want to leverage the efficiency of multi-stop deliveries  to reduce your delivery cost but you want to have full control on how deliveries are grouped and in which order they get delivered? With Kosmo’s new Multi-stop feature, you can easily select the orders and group them together. Once grouped, you can either optimise the route or define the order in which you want them to be delivered.

"Create Multi-stop" will group the selected orders together allowing you to edit the route

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🔐 Email Authentication

In order to keep our platform secure, we are moving from phone authentication to email authentication. New customers will be able to sign up only with their email address while our existing customers can still log in with their phone number using the blue "Log in with Phone" button. Once logged in, all users will be asked to set their email which will then be use for the log in moving forward.

🚚 Teleport next-day

We continuously select the best Courier Services to bring cheaper and more reliable delivery options to our customers, while increasing the variety of services available on Kosmo. This month we are happy to welcome Teleport in our partners’ network. Our customers can now access Teleport’s service through Kosmo and get their orders delivered in 1 day for as little as $3.7! Ideal for e-commerces offering cheap expedited delivery options

If you have any questions or feedback or if you simply want to know more, feel free to reach out to your point of contact in Kosmo via Slack or email or directly to francesco@kosmo.delivery or jjvelaz@kosmo.delivery.

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