Assign a delivery to a driver

April 9, 2024
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Francesco Bassetti
Assign a delivery to a driver

Once the orders in Plan Orders are ready to be assigned, the next step is to choose the driver: Click on Choose courier and select the most suitable driver. You can filter by vehicle to find the right driver faster. Once the driver has been selected, click Confirm to send the order to the driver's mobile app. If you want to process more orders at the same time, see the "Bulk assign" guide below.

Bulk Assign

You can take actions on multiple orders at the same time. Select the orders you want to manage and click "Assign":

Blast to team: you can send multiple orders to all the drivers of the same team. All drivers will receive the orders on their apps and the order will be assigned to the first driver who accepts.

Assign to team: assign the order to the Fleet Manager of the team, they will then assign it to the most suitable driver

Assign to driver: assign the selected orders to a driver

Dispatch rules: assign the orders to your customised flow

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