Better Delivery Options Increase Conversions | Kosmo

June 26, 2024
JJ Velaz
Better Delivery Options Increase Conversions | Kosmo

🛍️ Ecommerce is getting faster and delivery is becoming an increasingly important factor in customer decision-making:

  • Delivery accounts for more than 40% of basket abandonment online
  • 60% of customers have chosen a retailer based on the convenience of of their delivery options

🚀 People want things faster and expect a seamless delivery experience.

At Kosmo, we enable #ecommerce and #marketplaces to provide their users with flexible delivery options and a personalized experience via branded tracking pages.

  • Let your customers choose between instant, same-day and next-days delivery
  • Access multiple vehicles types to cover all your user cases (from motorbikes for small parcels to vans and lorries for bulky items)

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