Case Study: Corporate Catering platform saves hours every day with Kosmo

July 19, 2023
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JJ Velaz
Case Study: Corporate Catering platform saves hours every day with Kosmo

Customer Introduction

Corporate catering is the business of providing food for employees of a company. This might be on a daily basis or for a one-time event, like a long meeting or training. As you can imagine, timely delivery is a crucial part of the customer experience. Today’s case study is about one of the leading tech-powered catering companies in South East Asia, with Singapore as their core market.


This Catering company initially started its operations with its own drivers but as its business grew, it had to also rely on third-party courier services like Lalamove, pandago, and GrabExpress. As a result, they found themselves managing a fleet of 15 drivers and of 3pl which led to a growing number of manual tasks and inefficiencies. “My team was spending hours every day planning the deliveries for the following days, creating routes based on the customer and restaurants’ location and their delivery time. It was time-consuming and we didn’t always get the most efficient route. The tracking of the live orders was also very challenging, our drivers were updating us via messages and we were using a different platform to track 3rd party couriers'deliveries”.

They soon realised the need for a comprehensive last-mile management solution to streamline and scale their delivery operations.


The catering company decided to implement Kosmo, a powerful last-mile management software, to address its delivery challenges. Kosmo offered a range of features that catered to their specific needs. By leveraging Kosmo's functionalities, the team could manage its own fleet drivers, create optimized routes, and assign orders seamlessly to both their in-house fleet and to external couriers. The drivers would receive delivery instructions through Kosmo's dedicated drivers' app, enabling them to share updates and capture proof of delivery (POD) information.

Additionally, the company leveraged Kosmo's team and roles functionalities to enhance collaboration between their area managers and the drivers under their supervision. This facilitated streamlined communication, efficient task assignment, and real-time tracking of the delivery status. With Kosmo, this Catering company aimed to revolutionize their delivery operations, remove manual effort, and enhance customer satisfaction.


The implementation of Kosmo brought significant improvements to this Corporate Catering Company’s delivery operations:

Time and Effort Savings

With Kosmo, the team was able to save hours of work each day. The ability to create optimized routes with a single click and manage all deliveries from a single page simplified their processes. The automation provided by Kosmo eliminated the need for manual route planning and coordination, reducing the administrative burden on the team.

Lower Delivery Cost

By leveraging Kosmo's optimized route, the team improved its delivery efficiency. The optimized routes ensure that drivers could navigate through Singapore's bustling streets more effectively, reducing delivery times and increasing the number of deliveries per day that each driver can fulfill.

Simpler Collaboration

Kosmo's team and roles functionalities facilitated seamless collaboration between the area/fleet managers and their fleet. Drivers can share their real-time updates and capture the proof of drop-off directly with their drivers' app, keeping all stakeholders informed.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

The implementation of Kosmo resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction. Accurate tracking of deliveries, timely updates, and optimized routes led to improved on-time delivery performance minimizing delays and ensuring a positive customer experience.

As a central piece of this Corporate Catering operations, Kosmo helps them with seamless last-mile delivery management while improving their customer and driver experiences. Thanks to Kosmo, the company is scaling its businesses by being able to meet the growing demand without having to say “no” to any customer.

As the next steps, Kosmo and the Catering Company are working together to empower small local couriers companies with the tech needed for a seamless collaboration. The Catering company aims to onboard and train these couriers companies making them part of their fleet, reducing their average delivery cost.

Save hours every day with Kosmo

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