Got too many orders? Keep growing without worrying about delivery

July 19, 2023
JJ Velaz
Got too many orders? Keep growing without worrying about delivery

Got too many orders? See how you can keep growing without worrying about delivery

🎄🧧 We’ve just had a bunch of crazy e-commerce days in the last months, and more are coming

🎁 Every company spends a lot of time preparing for those days. And one of the constant struggles is the uncertainty about the capacity to deliver those orders. Many even add a banner to their website to highlight that there might be some delays in deliveries.

But it does not have to be that way.

It is true, it is hard. If you are used to fullfill 500 orders per day and suddenly you get 1,000 😱, you might not be ready. But what if you could plug into every single fleet in the city and get extra help from them to deliver your orders?

🚀 That’s what we can help you with at Kosmo. It is one of the biggest use cases of our platform, especially during those exciting days. Businesses use our API or platform to check the availability and price of multiple couriers to deliver overflow orders. You can connect with the most reliable couriers in the city and send them orders instantly.

Think about it, instead of having access to a few hundreds of drivers when you work with a single courier, you get access to tens of thousands when you work with Kosmo.

🧑‍🚀 Stop losing those extra orders, leverage our platform for overflow orders.

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