How Hawkr Food Manages Their Delivery With Kosmo

July 19, 2023
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Francesco Bassetti
How Hawkr Food Manages Their Delivery With Kosmo

Hawkr is a marketplace for homemade food delivery, operating in multiple cities of Malaysia. Their goal is to allow anybody to start a food business from the comfort of their own homes! Customers can order and taste local and international home-made food and get it delivered directly to their homes or offices.

Challenges Before Kosmo

Hawkr was facing multiple challenges in managing their delivery operations and ensuring each order was picked up from their numerous vendors and delivered to the customers on-time:

  • Multiple accounts and couriers: Hawkr team was using different courier platforms to compare their live prices and expected delivery times and choose the most suitable carrier for each order. This resulted in high inefficiency and, often, higher delivery costs due to limited visibility on the couriers’ quotes. Placing orders on multiple delivery platforms also led to big challenges in tracking the live orders as the team was forced to jump from one dashboard to the other to keep monitoring all their operations.
  • Multiple stores management: being a marketplace, Hawkr team must organise and manage deliveries for a large number of vendors with different pickup addresses. Most of the courier platforms don’t have yet an easy way to arrange different deliveries from multiple pickup locations, forcing the team to create one order at the time.
  • Low couriers availability during peak hours: like for all food delivery businesses, low availability of delivery partners during peak hours is one of the main challenges. The team had to carefully monitor all their live orders and take manual actions in case of delay or cancelation from the courier due not finding a delivery partner to take the order
  • Order tracking and status notifications: Hawkr’s logistics team must ensure that both the seller and the customer are constantly updated on the progressing of the delivery and on the different statuses

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How Kosmo Simplified And Optimised The Delivery Operations

After a simple onboarding process, Hawkr’s delivery completely transformed. Kosmo provides them with a customisable delivery solution that helped them to simplify and streamline their operations and save significant time and money. With Kosmo, Hawkr’s team can easily work with all the main last-mile couriers in Malaysia and organise all their deliveries in one single platform

  • One single platform to organise all your deliveries: Hawkr’s team can now easily compare all the main last-mile carriers in just one page and choose the best option for each of their deliveries or create their own rules to automate the flow. All the live orders will be visible on Kosmo’s dashboard for the team to be easily monitor their operations;
  • Streamlined Operations: with Kosmo’s Bulk Order feature, Hawkr’s team can now easily create deliveries for all their sellers all at once and automatically assign the most suitable carrier to each order with just a few clicks;
  • Increased Success Rate: Kosmo’s auto-reassign feature automatically handles the unfortunate events in which the selected courier is not able to fulfil the assigned delivery. Kosmo automatically reassigns the order to the best alternative carrier and ensures the order gets completed, allowing Hawkr’s team to focus on more important matters: growing the business;
  • Improved Delivery Experience: Kosmo’s reliable tracking page and notifications ensure that all the stakeholders receive real-time updates of the delivery status so that everything flows smoothly. Hawkr can also customise their tracking and notification content to differentiate themselves and offer an unique customer experience.

Kosmo can streamline the operations of any online food ordering company, reduce their delivery costs, improve the delivery experience for customers, and increase their success rate. The implementation of the logistics aggregator is expected to bring significant benefits to the company and help it to differentiate themselves in the online food ordering market.

This is just the beginning of a long term partnership.

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