How Momo Açai reduced their delivery cost and simplified their delivery

July 19, 2023
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Francesco Bassetti
How Momo Açai reduced their delivery cost and simplified their delivery

Today we are happy to share about one of our first users: Momo Açai, a virtual brand with multiple kitchens in Singapore offering instant and scheduled delivery of smoothie bowls and other snacks through their own website.

Challenges before Kosmo

When they first started offering delivery, Momo was receiving the customers’ orders through their online platform and arranging each delivery manually. This brought a few challenges:

  • Manual comparison of delivery options: for each order, the team had to compare the prices and delivery-times across multiple platforms. This resulted in high inefficiency in their operations and, in some cases, higher delivery costs due to limited visibility.
  • Managing live operations: The team had to keep multiple platforms open to track all their live orders and take actions to ensure all their orders were delivered in time to the customers.
  • Cost and metrics reconciliation: Due to a lack of centralisation each outlet was managing their own orders independently and with their own accounts in each platform. This led to limited visibility on the total costs and significant time spent on cost reconciliation

How Kosmo simplified and optimised the delivery operations

After a quick intro, demo, and onboarding, Momo’s team transformed their delivery logistics. With Kosmo, the Açai brand has easy access to all the main delivery providers in Singapore, including pandago, Lalamove and Grab Express and can track all their deliveries in one place.

  • Automated dispatching: The team can now easily bulk upload all their orders at once and automatically assign each order to the most suitable provider based on their own rules.  Kosmo’s bulk order feature allows the team to save up to 40 minutes on their daily operations.
Upload all your orders at once and automatically dispatch them to multiple providers
  • Track and monitor live operations in one dashboard: Our user friendly dashboard allows to track all live orders in one place, regardless of the delivery provider. This allowed the team to centralise their operations letting one person manage the live operations of the whole brand. This brand is also a beta user of Kosmo’s auto reassign feature, which improves the reliability of their deliveries.
Track and manage all your live orders in just one dashboard
  • Team management: The account owner can easily invite other people in the company to join their team and use their same account from limitless devices.
  • Centralised cost: The team can easily review all their past costs and metrics in one dashboard, filtering by outlet or for the whole brand. Being billed only once a month allows them to spend less time on cost reconciliation and more time on what really matters: their customers.

Save hours every day with Kosmo

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