Kosmo and Naurt Team Up To Save Hours To Last-Mile Operators

March 27, 2024
Product Updates
Francesco Bassetti
Kosmo and Naurt Team Up To Save Hours To Last-Mile Operators

We have partnered with Naurt to save delivery time to our users by providing accurate instructions up to the customers' doorstep.

Naurt's innovative API provides precise instructions to drivers, eliminating the wasted minutes spent searching for parking spots and locating customers' doors. In the world of last-mile delivery, every minute counts, and with Naurt, our users can now save valuable time on every delivery. By integrating Naurt's API into Kosmo's platform, we're empowering our users to optimize their operations, minimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Kosmo and Naurt marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for last-mile delivery management. With Naurt's detailed instructions seamlessly integrated into Kosmo, our users can now save valuable minutes per delivery and hours every day and reduce their delivery costs by offering accurate instructions to their drivers.

Reach out to sales@kosmo.delivery or to your point of contact to know more!

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