Kosmo is a unified API for last mile delivery

June 26, 2024
JJ Velaz
Kosmo is a unified API for last mile delivery

In the last months I felt like many people did not understand what we do at Kosmo. Initially I blamed those people for not getting it, but with time I realized it's on me to communicate it better.

At the same time I realized we were selling to the wrong people and companies. After trying to adjust our message and pitch, the impact was negligent. So at the end of the day we settled for being very clear about our message and rather adjust who we are selling to.

The issue was not the message, but the people and businesses who we were selling to. Now our full focus goes to companies and people who are impacted by the message rather than adapting the message.

Kosmo can be used by any business that needs delivery. That goes from a small cafe with 3 online orders per day to a big e-commerce with thousands. Took us a while to understand we cannot do it all. We've made a conscious decision to focus on api customers.

That has a big impact in our sales cycle, but that's where the real problem lies. Businesses integrate a single time with our API and can offer delivery in any country with multiple last mile providers. Huge integration time and cost savings for regional/global players.

Integrations are hard and we provide the tools to enable any last mile provider with a simple click. That’s big savings and a way easier way to manage and monitor everything in an easy to use dashboard.

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