Kosmo Product Update February 2024

April 5, 2024
Product Updates
Francesco Bassetti
Kosmo Product Update  February 2024

Hi everyone!

Find below the most relevant product updates from February 2024, feel free to reach out to know what else is new in Kosmo!

Delivery Management Platform:

🚀  Improvements on performance

After dedicated efforts and focus on optimization during February, Kosmo has successfully improved its performance to ensure a faster and seamless experience for our high-volume customers.

We've fine-tuned our systems to handle up to 10 times our current load, empowering us to deliver even more efficiently and reliably. This improvement impacts both the platform and the mobile app, improving the experience of the whole logistics team and fleet.

🧑‍🚀  Route settings at driver level

The new feature enables teams to set specific limits on stops, distance, or route time for each driver, allowing for a more tailored and optimized delivery experience.

One of the key advantages is the ability to accommodate constraints such as the limited autonomy of electric vehicles, ensuring that routes align with the unique capabilities of each vehicle and driver in the fleet.

📍  Pickup location Filters

Now, managing deliveries with multiple pickup locations is even easier! With the new Pickup Filter, teams can effortlessly filter orders in both Plan and Track dashboards based on pickup locations.

This improvement is particularly useful for teams dealing with on-demand delivery such as Food delivery, Flowers delivery and Quick commerce in general.

🗺️  Routes in optimization summary

Now, users can automatically create optimized routes and view them in the map directly from the Optimization Summary.

The summary offers an overview of the routes just created (driver assigned, number of stops, length and duration) and the map gives a visual insight on where the drivers will be directed to. The users then can edit and adjust the routes directly from the map before assigning them to the drivers

📥  Routes summary export

We added new export templates to our platform, in particular:

  • Order summary: provides a summary of all the routes included in the selected time range. Each row will be a route with all the key informations such as driver, team, zones, final status, total stops count and breakdown or stops per status;
  • Stop summary: returns the list of stops in a specific time range, particularly useful in the pick and pack phase to ensure the bags are arranged in an optimal way for drivers to pickup and deliver
  • Driver pay: returns the summary of the amount due to pay to drivers for a given time range. This export is particularly useful for the finance team to create payslips and process the payments to the drivers

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to francesco@kosmo.delivery or jjvelaz@kosmo.delivery.


Kosmo Team

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