Why is Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Malaysia important?

October 12, 2023
JJ Velaz
Why is Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Malaysia important?

What is the meaning of Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Malaysia?

The term "last mile delivery tracking" refers to the process of keeping track of an item as it travels from the warehouse to its destination, typically being the client’s front door.

This entails using technology like GPS and mobile devices to provide real-time updates on the location, expected arrival time, and delivery status of the shipment.

In order to benefit both the company and the client, last mile delivery tracking is used to make sure that items are delivered on time and in good conditions. Additionally, businesses can track deliveries in real-time and get rapid confirmation after they are finished by utilizing Kosmo's Proof of Delivery system in Malaysia. This increases accountability and dependability in the delivery process.

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What are the advantages of last mile delivery tracking for Malaysian e-commerce companies?

Software for tracking last-mile deliveries is essential for Malaysian e-commerce companies. To ensure a seamless and effective supply chain, it allows businesses to track their products from the warehouse to the customer's doorstep.

One of the most important benefits of adopting last mile delivery monitoring software is real-time visibility. It enables companies to keep track of the movement of their products at every step and swiftly handle any potential problems or delays. Businesses may also optimize their delivery routes with this level of insight, cutting costs and delivery times. 

Improved customer satisfaction is a key advantage of last mile delivery tracking software. Businesses may improve customer satisfaction and foster loyalty by giving customers realistic delivery estimates and updates.

Finally, last mile delivery tracking software can assist companies in reducing operational expenses. Businesses can save time and money by simplifying delivery routes and reducing delivery times. This may result in significant cost savings that may be used to the company's operations.

As a result, last mile delivery monitoring software is a crucial tool for Malaysian e-commerce enterprises, especially in the logistics sector, to maintain a competitive edge and give top-notch customer care.

Examples of companies that have successfully adopted Kosmo's delivery software:

The case study of Hawkr:

Hawkr found the delivery solution from Kosmo to be very helpful, since it provided a number of benefits that allowed the business to optimize its processes, save time, and cut costs.

  • First of all, the platform gave them a flexible delivery option that enabled them to collaborate with all of Malaysia's top last-mile carriers while streamlining and centralizing their delivery procedures. 
  • Second, they were able to quickly create deliveries for all of their vendors using the bulk order tool, and each order was automatically given the best carrier, which resulted in considerable time and effort savings. 
  • Thirdly, the auto-reassign function made sure that delivery problems were fixed immediately, reducing hiccups and delays. 
  • Fourth, a smooth delivery procedure was guaranteed by the dependable tracking page and messages that kept all stakeholders informed of the delivery status.
  • Last of all, the team at Hawkr was also able to evaluate all of their historical expenses and metrics in a single dashboard thanks to the centralized cost feature, which gave them a thorough perspective of their delivery operations. 

Hawkr was able to streamline its delivery procedures, cut expenses, and improve customer satisfaction thanks to Kosmo's delivery system. Want to know more? Book a Demo!

The case study of Momo

Momo Açai benefited in a number of ways from Kosmo's delivery service.

  • It provided all major Singaporean delivery services, including as Pandago, Lalamove, and Grab Express, simple access and allowed them to track all of their deliveries in one location.
  • It eliminated the need for each delivery's manual arranging, saving a great deal of time and work.
  • The automated dispatching feature of Kosmo allowed for bulk uploads of all orders and assigned each one to the most appropriate supplier in accordance with their own regulations.
  • With the automated dispatching capability, daily operations can be shortened by up to 40 minutes.
  • Regardless of the delivery service, the user-friendly dashboard allowed tracking of all live orders in one location.
  • By resolving delivery disruptions, Kosmo's auto-reassign capability increased the dependability of Momo's deliveries.
  • Both the vendor and the client were kept regularly informed about the delivery status and other statuses thanks to a dependable tracking website and notifications.

In conclusion, Momo Açai was able to optimize its delivery procedures, reduce costs and time, and improve customer satisfaction thanks to Kosmo's delivery solution.

Why is last-mile delivery tracking crucial for your clients?

Businesses that depend on quick and effective deliveries need last mile delivery tracking. Here are the main reasons:

  • Transparency: Last mile delivery tracking gives clients real-time updates on the whereabouts of their packages, the estimated time of delivery, and any potential delays or problems. This openness contributes to the development of confidence and trust in the delivery process.
  • Customer satisfaction: can be enhanced by using last mile delivery tracking to give consumers accurate and timely information about their deliveries. Customers value being able to track their packages and find out when they will arrive because it might make them feel less anxious and frustrated.
  • Delivery efficiency: can be increased by giving drivers real-time data on traffic and route modifications through the use of last mile delivery tracking.
  • Better inventory management: By giving businesses access to real-time data on delivery times and locations, last mile delivery tracking can also assist companies in managing their inventory more effectively. Businesses can use this information to reduce the risk of stockouts and improve their inventory levels.

How can your Malaysian business benefit from Kosmo's Delivery API?

It is now essential for your Shopify, Woocommerce, or Wix business to implement last-mile delivery. Here are some reasons why:

  • Customers increasingly expect quick and easy delivery alternatives, and if you can't deliver on those promises, you risk losing them to your rivals.
  • Consider offering same-day or next-day delivery options to stay ahead of the competition and keep your clients. By doing this, you provide your clients more freedom to choose while still providing convenience and flexibility.

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