Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Singapore: Why does it matter?

September 1, 2023
Francesco Bassetti
Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Singapore: Why does it matter?

Last Mile Delivery Tracking in Singapore: Why does it matter?

Last mile delivery tracking has become an essential aspect of the logistics industry, especially in Singapore.

With a booming e-commerce market, businesses have to keep up with customer demands for fast and reliable delivery services. 

According to McKinsey, same day delivery will be the next evolutionary step in logistics.

One way to achieve this is by implementing last mile delivery tracking software. It allows businesses to track their deliveries from the warehouse to the customer's doorstep, giving them real-time visibility of their supply chain while, at the same time, you can choose different delivery options for your customer. 

Give your customers the power to choose and streamline logistics with Kosmo’s Delivery API.

What is Last Mile Delivery Tracking?

Last mile delivery tracking is the process of tracking a package's journey from the warehouse to the final destination, which is usually the customer's doorstep.

It involves the use of technology such as GPS and mobile devices to provide real-time updates on the package's location, estimated time of arrival, and delivery status.

This information is crucial for both the business and the customer as it ensures that the package is delivered on time and in good condition.

 Additionally, with Kosmo, you have Proof of delivery for all your orders. 

By utilizing proof of delivery, you can monitor every delivery in real-time and receive an immediate confirmation once it has been completed, ensuring both accountability and reliability in the delivery process. 

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How does last mile delivery tracking benefit e-commerce businesses in Singapore?

Last mile delivery tracking software has become an essential tool for businesses looking to keep up with the increasing demand for fast and reliable delivery services. By utilizing this software, businesses can track their deliveries from the warehouse to the customer's doorstep, ensuring that their supply chain is operating at maximum efficiency.

One of the main benefits of using last mile delivery tracking software is real-time visibility of the delivery process. This feature allows businesses to monitor their deliveries at every stage, enabling them to identify any potential bottlenecks and take corrective actions immediately. This level of visibility can also help businesses optimize their delivery routes, which can reduce delivery times and costs.

Another key benefit of last mile delivery tracking software is improved customer satisfaction. By providing customers with accurate delivery estimates and updates, businesses can improve the customer experience and increase loyalty. In fact, according to a survey by Metapack, over 90% of customers said that they would be more likely to shop with a retailer again if they were satisfied with the delivery experience.

Lastly, last mile delivery tracking software can also help businesses reduce operational costs. By optimizing delivery routes and minimizing delivery times, businesses can reduce fuel costs and save time on the road. This can lead to significant cost savings in the long run, which can be reinvested back into the business.

Last mile delivery tracking in Singapore has become a crucial tool for businesses in the logistics industry, especially in the e-commerce market.

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Examples of businesses that have successfully implemented Kosmo’s Delivery Software.

Hawkr’s Case Study:

Kosmo's delivery solution proved to be highly beneficial for Hawkr, offering several advantages that helped the company streamline their operations, save time, and reduce costs.

Firstly, the platform provided them with a customizable delivery solution that allowed them to work with all the main last-mile couriers in Malaysia, simplifying and centralizing their delivery processes. 

Secondly, the bulk order feature allowed them to easily create deliveries for all their sellers and automatically assign the most suitable carrier to each order, saving significant time and effort. 

Thirdly, the auto-reassign feature ensured that delivery issues were automatically resolved, minimizing disruptions and delays. 

Fourthly, the reliable tracking page and notifications kept all stakeholders up-to-date on the delivery status, ensuring a smooth delivery process. 

Lastly, the centralized cost feature enabled Hawkr's team to review all their past costs and metrics in one dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of their delivery operations. 

Kosmo's delivery solution helped Hawkr optimize their delivery processes, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.

Momo’s case study:

Kosmo's delivery solution helped Momo Açai in several ways:

  • Provided easy access to all the main delivery providers in Singapore, including pandago, Lalamove, and Grab Express, and allowed them to track all their deliveries in one place
  • Eliminated the need for manual arrangement of each delivery, saving significant time and effort
  • Kosmo's automated dispatching feature allowed bulk uploading of all orders at once and automatically assigned each order to the most suitable provider based on their own rules
  • Saved up to 40 minutes on daily operations with automated dispatching feature
  • User-friendly dashboard allowed tracking of all live orders in one place, regardless of the delivery provider
  • Kosmo's auto-reassign feature further improved the reliability of Momo's deliveries by handling disruptions in the delivery process
  • Reliable tracking page and notifications kept both the seller and the customer constantly updated on the delivery status and different statuses
  • Improved overall delivery experience for customers

In summary, Kosmo's delivery solution helped Momo Açai optimize their delivery processes, save time and costs, and enhance their customer experience.

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Why Last Mile Delivery Tracking is important for your customers?

Last mile delivery tracking is essential for businesses that rely on timely and efficient deliveries. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Transparency: Last mile delivery tracking provides customers with real-time updates on the status of their package, including the location, expected delivery time, and any delays or issues that may arise. This transparency helps to build trust and confidence in the delivery process.

  • Customer satisfaction: By providing customers with accurate and timely information about their delivery, last mile delivery tracking can help to improve customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate being able to track their package and know when it will arrive, which can reduce anxiety and frustration.

  • Improved delivery efficiency: Last mile delivery tracking can help to improve delivery efficiency by providing drivers with real-time updates on traffic conditions and route changes.

  • Better inventory management: Last mile delivery tracking can also help businesses to better manage their inventory by providing them with real-time information on delivery times and locations. This information can help businesses to optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of stockouts.

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How Kosmo's Delivery API can help your business in Singapore

Incorporating last-mile delivery into your Shopify, Woocommerce or Wix business is no longer a choice, but a necessity

Customers now anticipate prompt and hassle-free delivery options, and failing to meet their expectations may result in losing them to your competitors.

To stay ahead of the competition and retain your customers, consider providing same-day or next-day delivery services. By doing so, you not only offer convenience and flexibility, but also empower your customers to make their own choices.

The trend towards last-mile delivery is gaining momentum, and it is expected to nearly double in size compared to 2022, as reported by PWC. To remain competitive, it's time to elevate your game and seize this opportunity before it's too late.

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