Routific vs Kosmo: the Best Delivery Management Solution

February 21, 2024
Francesco Bassetti
Routific vs Kosmo: the Best Delivery Management Solution

In the fast-paced world of logistics, choosing the right delivery management solution is crucial for efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

This article delves into the comparison between two prominent players in the field: Routific and Kosmo. 

We'll explore various aspects, from pricing models to features, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding.

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Routific in Detail

1. Pricing Model

Routific adopts a pricing model based on the number of vehicles. This can be both an advantage and a limitation, depending on the size and structure of your delivery team.

While the per-vehicle pricing might be cost-effective for larger operations, smaller businesses with fewer drivers may find this model less appealing.

2. Automated Scheduling

Routific lacks automated scheduling, which means businesses need to invest more time in manual planning.

This can be a drawback for businesses seeking efficient and time-saving solutions, especially in high-volume delivery scenarios.

3. Customer Portal

Routific doesn't offer a dedicated customer portal, limiting direct customer interaction.

For businesses prioritizing customer engagement, this absence may affect overall customer satisfaction and experience.

4. Cash on Delivery

Unfortunately, Routific does not support cash-on-delivery transactions.

For businesses dealing with a significant volume of cash transactions, this limitation may pose challenges.

5. Barcode/Ticket Scanning

Routific lacks the capability for barcode or ticket scanning.

Pro Recommendation: This absence might impact businesses that rely on scanning for accurate tracking and validation.

6. Drag & Drop

On a positive note, Routific boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for easy route planning.

This feature simplifies the route optimization process, enhancing overall user experience.

7. Alerts/Escalation

Routific includes alert and escalation features, ensuring timely responses to unforeseen events.

Operational Advantage: This can be a critical feature for businesses dealing with time-sensitive deliveries or unexpected issues.

8. Geofencing

Unfortunately, Routific does not support geofencing, limiting location-based functionalities.

For businesses requiring location-specific optimizations, this could be a deciding factor.

9. Mobile Signature

Routific allows for capturing mobile signatures, enhancing proof of delivery.

This feature can be valuable for businesses that prioritize secure and verifiable deliveries.

10. Driver ETA

Routific provides Driver ETA functionality, ensuring customers are informed about the estimated arrival time.

Customer Communication Plus:

This feature contributes to improved customer communication and satisfaction.

11. Label Printing

One area where Routific falls short is the absence of label printing capabilities.

Business Implication:

This might be a significant drawback for businesses with specific labeling requirements.

Kosmo in Detail

1. Pricing Model

Kosmo adopts a unique pricing model based on the number of stops, offering flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

This can be advantageous for businesses with varying delivery volumes, providing a more tailored pricing structure. Note that Kosmo has a custom price package available to suit your specific needs!

2. Automated Scheduling

Similar to Routific, Kosmo lacks automated scheduling, requiring manual planning efforts.

User Expectation Note: While this may be a common industry limitation, businesses desiring automation might find this aspect challenging.

3. Customer Portal

Kosmo stands out with its robust customer portal, facilitating direct interaction and order tracking.

This feature enhances customer satisfaction by providing real-time information and order visibility.

4. Cash on Delivery

Kosmo supports cash-on-delivery transactions, catering to businesses with diverse payment preferences.

This feature can be pivotal for businesses in regions where cash transactions are prevalent.

5. Barcode/Ticket Scanning

Kosmo excels in barcode and ticket scanning capabilities, ensuring accurate tracking and validation.

Businesses relying on scanning for inventory control or validation will find this feature indispensable.

6. Drag & Drop

Kosmo shares with Routific the advantage of a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

This feature simplifies the route planning process, contributing to a positive user experience.

7. Alerts/Escalation

Similar to Routific, Kosmo incorporates alert and escalation features, addressing unforeseen events promptly.

This capability ensures businesses can respond effectively to unexpected challenges.

8. Geofencing

Kosmo distinguishes itself with robust geofencing capabilities, allowing for location-specific optimizations.

Businesses requiring geographically tailored deliveries will find this feature invaluable.

9. Mobile Signature

Kosmo, like Routific, supports mobile signature capture, enhancing delivery verification.

This feature adds an extra layer of security and verification to the delivery process.

10. Driver ETA

Kosmo provides Driver ETA functionality, keeping customers informed about delivery timelines.

Enhanced Customer Communication: This contributes to a positive customer experience by managing expectations effectively.

11. Label Printing

A standout feature of Kosmo is its advanced label printing capabilities, meeting diverse labeling needs.

Business Customization:

This feature caters to businesses with specific labeling requirements, ensuring compliance and branding consistency.

Routific vs Kosmo: The Conclusion

As we navigate the intricacies of Routific and Kosmo, it becomes evident that each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, when it comes to an overall superior solution, Kosmo emerges as the victor.

So why does Kosmo take the lead? The combination of a flexible pricing model, robust customer portal, support for diverse transactions, advanced scanning capabilities, and superior label printing positions Kosmo as the ideal choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and efficient delivery management solution.


In the dynamic world of delivery management solutions, choosing between Routific and Kosmo depends on the unique needs of your business. 

While Routific offers some notable features, the overall comprehensive package presented by Kosmo positions it as the superior choice. Evaluate your specific requirements, and you'll find that Kosmo provides the ideal solution for efficient, customer-centric delivery management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Routific accommodate businesses with varying team sizes?

Routific's per-driver pricing may be more suitable for larger teams, potentially making it less cost-effective for smaller businesses.

Does Kosmo support cash-on-delivery transactions?

Yes, Kosmo caters to businesses with its support for cash-on-delivery, offering flexibility in payment methods.

How does Routific handle route planning without automated scheduling?

Routific relies on manual planning, which can be time-consuming, especially for businesses with high delivery volumes.

Does Kosmo provide geofencing capabilities?

Yes, Kosmo distinguishes itself with robust geofencing features, allowing businesses to optimize routes based on locations.

Can I use Routific for businesses with specific label printing requirements?

Routific lacks label printing capabilities, which may be a limitation for businesses with specific labeling needs.

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