The Benefits of Ship-from-Store: A Game-Changer for Retailers

July 19, 2023
JJ Velaz
The Benefits of Ship-from-Store: A Game-Changer for Retailers

Any retailer you speak with, whether they operate an online, omnichannel, or conventional brick-and-mortar stores, will acknowledge that the game is shifting. Retailers of all shapes, sizes, and footprints are struggling to meet consumer aspirations for quick and free delivery. 

There is ferocious competition from all directions. What can businesses do to stay competitive in a market where the local store is up against a multinational without drastically expanding? Kosmo is the solution.

What is ship-from-store, and why does it represent such a paradigm shift for contemporary retailers?

Ship-from-store is a retail fulfillment strategy that allows retailers to use their brick-and-mortar stores as distribution centers. Instead of shipping products directly from a centralized warehouse, retailers can fulfill online orders by shipping products directly from their local store locations. This represents a paradigm shift for contemporary retailers because it offers several benefits, such as:

Same-Day Delivery

By shipping from a nearby store, retailers can reduce delivery times and offer customers more convenient delivery options.

Increased operational efficiency

By leveraging store inventory for online orders, retailers can reduce the need for a large central warehouse and increase overall operational efficiency.

Improved customer experience

Customers are more likely to shop online when they can receive their products faster and closer to their location.

Increased in-store foot traffic

By allowing customers to pick up online orders in-store, retailers can drive more foot traffic to their stores and increase opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

Zara moving to Ship-From-Store Strategy

By the end of the year, 2,000 stores worldwide, including those in the US, will use this new approach, according to Business Insider.

The concept of complete integration between retail and online stockrooms is something that is very, very crucial for us, said Pablo Isla, chairman, and CEO of Inditex, to analysts in June.

Three benefits are predicted from this new strategy: clients who live closer to the store will likely be able to buy items quicker; companies will be able to thrive in the age of online shopping; and Zara will be able to better manage its inventory levels.

In order to defeat rivals like fast-fashion retailer Asos, Zara will need to provide faster shipping choices.

What are the benefits of using ship-from-store?

There are several benefits to using ship-from-store. One of the biggest advantages is that it allows retailers to offer faster shipping times. 

By leveraging their store locations as fulfillment centers, retailers can get products to customers much more quickly than if they had to rely solely on centralized warehouses. This can be especially beneficial for retailers that sell time-sensitive products, such as fashion or electronics.

Another benefit of ship-from-store is that it allows retailers to increase their inventory availability. By using store locations as fulfillment centers, retailers can keep more products on hand and reduce the risk of stockouts. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and prevent lost sales.

Ship-from-store also has the potential to reduce costs for retailers and to better manage their inventory, which can lead to more efficient purchasing and less waste.

The Earnings Potential

In a market that moves quickly and quickly changes, retailers are always looking for novel ways to increase their product choices without damaging their profit margins. Retailers must become more savvy and responsive as increasing competition prevents pricing increases.

A ship-from-store fulfillment strategy may aid in maintaining profits through greater sales and better inventory control.

For instance, the transaction would probably be lost if a store uses a distribution center to ship online orders when an item is out of stock. However, if the item is readily available and perched on a shelf inside the shop, the answer is simple.

An example of Target's ship-from-store strategy success, Digital sales at Target climbed year over year by 141% in the first quarter and 195% in the second. And as the number of online orders increased, so did the proportion that was filled in-store. 

How can Kosmo help your business?

Managing multiple couriers in different platforms used to be a logistical headache. But, with Kosmo, you can manage last-mile delivery on a single platform, with multiple delivery options available thanks to our partnerships.

Obtain quotations from many couriers and select the best one for each individual order. Cost, availability, travel duration, and vehicle type may all be compared.

Integrate with our API and access tens of delivery providers across Asia with a single click.

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