We Grow Webshops Improves Its Logistics Visibility With Kosmo

March 26, 2024
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Francesco Bassetti
We Grow Webshops Improves Its Logistics Visibility With Kosmo

Company intro

We Grow Webshops is an European network of local carriers and strategic fulfillment  locations that offers faster delivery times & the most competitive shipping rates in EU markets. With strategically located fulfillment operations in Northern- and Southern Europe, We Grow Webshops services all major e-commerce markets in Europe against faster lead times.

Key problems

  1. Lack of Visibility: The absence of real-time visibility into delivery status, estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and drivers’ location made it hard for the team and other stakeholders to monitor its live operations. Inefficient communication impacted the interactions between the company, its customers, and the end recipients.
  2. Manual Route Creation: The manual creation of delivery routes consumed substantial hours of the logistics team's time and often resulted in inefficient routes.
  3. Inefficient Communication with Drivers: Order details were sent to drivers via WhatsApp, leading to a lack of tracking capabilities and inefficient communication. The team had no real-time visibility into driver locations, relying on manual updates from drivers. Also the Proof Of Delivery was shared by drivers via Whatsapp, leading to poor traceability in case of post-delivery issues.


To address these challenges, the company implemented Kosmo, a comprehensive delivery management platform. The solutions provided by Kosmo include:

Visibility and Notifications: Kosmo's live-tracking and notification solution offers real-time visibility into deliveries for the businesses and their stakeholders (both senders and recipients), improving the overall experience. Customized updates, including delivery ETAs and tracking pages, enhance transparency.

Seamless Route Creation Flow: Kosmo's route creation feature enables the logistics team to generate optimized routes with just a few clicks and easily adjust routes with the drag and drop function. Constraints such as maximum stops per route and delivery areas are considered, ensuring on-time deliveries.

Driver App: Deliveries are assigned through the Kosmo driver app, facilitating streamlined communication. The app allows drivers to receive instructions, navigate, communicate with the team and customers, update delivery status, and upload proof of delivery (POD).


The implementation of Kosmo yielded significant benefits for the logistics operator:

Scalability: Automation and time savings enabled the company to scale its operations, easily onboarding additional customers.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency: Optimized route creation maximized drivers' utilization, leading to reduced average delivery costs and improved on-time delivery rates.

Customers and Drivers Satisfaction: Both customers and drivers experienced increased satisfaction, as evidenced by positive reviews from both sides.

Next Steps

Following the initial onboarding, the logistics business and Kosmo continue to collaborate closely. Their shared goal is to identify new areas for improvement and enhance the product further, simplifying logistics team tasks and contributing to the overall success of the last-mile delivery service. Here are some other problems the teams are working on:

  • Recurrent routes
  • Driver pay: per hour rates

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