Why limit yourself to 1 single logistics provider?

June 26, 2024
JJ Velaz
Why limit yourself to 1 single logistics provider?

Let’s say you are a restaurant 🍔 (or any kind of merchant) and you sell through foodpanda 🐼 and Grab. At the same time you want to have your own ordering channel to get direct contact with your customers and save a bit on the marketplace commission.

But here the challenge, you need to figure out how to deliver those orders that come through your own ordering channel. What do most restaurants do?

They work with 1 3PL to deliver those orders. Problem solved.

Or not! 🙄

Delivery can be a huge headache if you are a restaurant. By relying on a single provider to make their deliveries they become very dependent on the fluctuations in service level and availability on the fleet of that 3PL.

At Kosmo we believe the solution is to connect to every single 3PL in the city and compare what’s the best delivery option for every order. Sometimes some 3PLs are busy, sometimes they don’t have the required vehicle type, etc. By connecting to Kosmo restaurants (or any kind of merchant) can channel those orders to pandago, Grab Express, Lalamove and more. The decision can be made by the merchant or it can be automated by Kosmo to find the cheapest or more reliable one.

Any issue with delays? No worries, we automate the rerouting to another provider to ensure the order reaches the final customer 🙂

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