The 7 Top Delivery Route Planning Apps of 2023

October 8, 2023
Route Optimization
JJ Velaz
The 7 Top Delivery Route Planning Apps of 2023

Delivery route planning apps might help you organize your routes and make your workday go faster. Here's a detailed look at the top 18.

You can use Kosmo's Delivery Route Planner App, suitable for your Fleet of delivery drivers.

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You will succeed as a delivery driver the moment you are able to easily locate routes and complete your deliveries fast.

Hence, how does a delivery driver achieve that success?

If you can find a delivery route planning app that suits your needs, you'll be able to drive stress-free to your location and complete your delivery on time.

Knowing you are taking the most direct route, which should enable you to save time and gasoline, will also make your business thrive.

This might have you wondering what the greatest route planner app for delivery drivers is.

Read along to find out!

We will compare the following seven apps:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Waze
  3. SpeedyRoute 
  4. Circuit Route
  5. Upper Route
  6. Route4Me
  7. RoadWarrior

This review will examine the top delivery route planner apps considering:

  1. Free delivery route planner apps
  2. Fee-bound apps to plan deliveries
  3. Their pros & cons

Major findings:

Throughout the analysis of the best apps you should consider features like:

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Reduction in travel time and costs
  • Personalization
  • GPS app integration
  • Multiple stop optimization.

Let's begin by defining a delivery route planner in more detail:

What is a Delivery Route Planner App?

A delivery route planner app is a software tool that helps businesses optimize their delivery routes for efficient and timely deliveries.

It streamlines the planning process, taking into account factors such as:

To ensure the most cost-effective and efficient routes are created.

You can change your delivery routes on the go with customized parameters and real-time updates to guarantee that your deliveries are always on time.

4 key characteristics to seek for

Look for these essential characteristics while choosing the best delivery route planner app:

Multiple stop optimization: The multiple stop optimization feature enables you to design the most effective route within a single route.

Real-time-traffic updates: You may avoid traffic by using real-time traffic update tools to traffic congestions.

Customizable settings: With this function, you can modify your route planner app to suit your unique requirements and tastes.

Integration with other apps: This feature allows you to easily integrate your delivery route planner app with other apps, such as your CRM or inventory management system.

What are the best apps for planning delivery routes for free?

There are several free apps available that can help you plan delivery routes efficiently. Here are some popular options:

1. Google Maps: 

Google Maps is a widely used navigation app that also offers route planning functionality.

You can add multiple stops, optimize the route for the fastest or shortest path, and even view live traffic updates.

However, when it comes to planning routes with multiple stops, there are limitations. Google Maps only allows up to ten addresses, including the starting point, to be added at once.

Without optimization, Google Maps will follow the exact order of the addresses entered, even if it involves backtracking.

What if I have more than 9 stops?

If you have more than nine stops, an alternative approach involves using Google's My Maps feature. 

This allows you to create a master list of stops and determine the nearest ones to each other. Nevertheless, it requires manual planning and lacks route optimization capabilities in addition to being very time consuming. 

Pros of using Google Maps as a free route planner:

  • Availability: Google Maps is likely already installed on your phone and widely accessible.
  • Familiarity: Many people are familiar with Google Maps and have used it for personal trips, making it easier to navigate.
  • Rerouting: It has the ability to reroute around accidents and traffic jams, helping you find alternative paths.


  • Limited stops: Google Maps allows only ten stops, including the starting location, which can be restrictive for longer routes.
  • No route optimization: It lacks the feature to optimize routes, requiring manual adjustments to reduce travel time.
  • Time-consuming: Adding multiple stops and optimizing the route manually can be a time-consuming process.
  • Not ideal for high-volume deliveries: If you regularly make more than nine deliveries in a day, Google Maps may not be the most efficient option. It is best suited for short paths only.

In short, although Google Maps seems like the best free route planner, it is not optimal if you are going to make more than 9 stops a day, often leaving this option out for delivery drivers. 

2. Waze:

Waze is a widely used and popular navigation app among drivers, especially for personal use.

Waze has a limit on the number of stops you can add. You can include your starting location and up to nine other stops in your route planning.

If you have more than nine stops, Waze does not provide a built-in feature for optimizing the route or assisting with efficient stop sequencing. You would need to manually organize and plan the route yourself.

This means that if you input the addresses into Waze without making adjustments, it will follow the route as entered, even if it involves backtracking or less efficient directions.

Despite this limitation, Waze does offer useful features such as rerouting around accidents and traffic jams. It provides real-time updates to help you navigate through unexpected road conditions and find alternative routes.

The app is generally free to use and user-friendly.

To summarize:

Pros of using Waze as a route planner app for your business:

  • Availability and familiarity: Waze is commonly found on smartphones and widely used for personal navigation.
  • Real-time re-routing: It offers real-time updates and can redirect you around accidents and traffic congestion.
  • Free and user-friendly: Waze is accessible at no cost and has a relatively intuitive interface.

Cons of using Waze for route planning:

  • Limited stops: You can only add your starting location and up to nine other stops in a single route.
  • No route optimization: No automatic optimization for multiple stops, requiring manual organization and planning.
  • Time-consuming route adjustments: Adding multiple stops and optimizing the route may require additional time and effort.

In conclusion, while Waze is a convenient and free navigation app that can be utilized for route planning, it has limitations when it comes to adding numerous stops and optimizing routes. It is more suitable for shorter routes and drivers with a moderate number of stops throughout the day.

3. SpeedyRoute

Speedy Route is a route planner app that offers efficient route optimization for drivers, particularly for delivery professionals and businesses with multiple stops.

SpeedyRoute does not have limitations on the number of stops you can add, making it suitable for high-volume deliveries or complex routes.

SpeedyRoute offers customizable settings that let you prioritize factors such as the shortest distance or fastest travel time according to your specific requirements.

Also adapts to your preferences in factors like traffic conditions or specific delivery time windows.

It helps in arranging the stops in the most efficient order, saving time and reducing travel distances.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the routes to your preferences and business needs.

While SpeedyRoute may offer a free trial, there could be subscription fees or premium plans associated with accessing advanced features or extensive usage.

What are SpeedyRoute’s prices?

  1. $39/month - Limited to one driver, 100 stops per route
  2. $69/month - Up to five drivers, 500 stops per route
  3. $99/month - Up to ten drivers, unlimited stops per route

Pros of using Speedy Route:

  • Free trial: SpeedyRoute is free for up to ten stops. Then, it has flexible subscription prices.
  • Large number of stops: It allows you to add a large number of stops, making it suitable for high-volume deliveries.
  • Time-saving: The route optimization feature saves time by automatically arranging the stops in the optimal order.
  • Customizable settings: SpeedyRoute provides customizable settings to prioritize factors such as shortest distance or fastest travel time.
  • Multiple route options: It generates multiple route options, giving you flexibility and allowing you to choose the best one.


  • Availability: SpeedyRoute might have limitations in terms of availability on different platforms or regions.
  • Cost: While SpeedyRoute offers a free trial, there may be subscription fees or premium plans for accessing advanced features or using the app extensively.

In summary, SpeedyRoute is specifically designed for efficient route optimization and handling multiple stops making it a valuable tool for delivery professionals. However, since the free trial ends with a maximum of 10 deliveries, the cost of subscription may prove costly to a delivery business who handles a great amount of deliveries a day.

FAQs for Speedy Route:

  1. Does SpeedyRoute offer route optimization?


  1. How many stops can I add on SpeedyRoute for free?

SpeedyRoute allows you to add up to ten stops free of charge.

  1. Does SpeedyRoute save time in planning routes?

Yes, SpeedyRoute's route optimization feature automatically arranges the stops in the optimal order.

  1. Can I customize the settings in SpeedyRoute?

Yes, SpeedyRoute offers customizable settings that allow you to prioritize factors such as shortest distance or fastest travel time 

  1. Does SpeedyRoute provide multiple route options?

Yes, SpeedyRoute generates multiple route options, giving you flexibility.

  1. Are there any downsides to using SpeedyRoute?

Yes, it has a learning curve to understand all the features, limitations in availability on certain platforms (not available on iPhone) or regions, and potential cost considerations such as subscription fees or premium plans.

  1. Is SpeedyRoute available for free?

While SpeedyRoute offers a free trial, it might have subscription fees or premium plans for accessing advanced features or extensive usage. The availability and pricing details can be obtained from the SpeedyRoute website or app store.

  1. How does SpeedyRoute compare to Google Maps in terms of route planning?

SpeedyRoute specializes in route planning with advanced optimization features, making it more suitable for high-volume deliveries. Google Maps has limitations in terms of the number of stops and lacks dedicated route optimization capabilities.

What are the best paid apps for planning delivery routes?

Spending a little money to use a reputable delivery route planner tool or delivery planning software is worthwhile if you really want to benefit from a high-quality route planner.

What are the benefits of investing in a quality paid route planner app?

  • Saves time
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Enhances customer satisfaction

Keep reading to find out the best apps to use in your deliveries!

1. Kosmo Delivery - Delivery route planning software

Kosmo Delivery is a leading route planning app that specializes in optimizing delivery routes with just two clicks and it allows you to use 3rd party couriers while others do not.

It uses advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient routes, taking into account various factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity. 

How will Kosmo help you with route optimization? How to plan a delivery route with Kosmo:

  1. As simple as, select all the orders

  1. Click in Optimize

  1. Routes optimized

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Check out the best route planner app in Shopify.

Does Kosmo work as a multi drop route planner?

Yes, with Kosmo is a multiple delivery route planner and you can prepare with the software multiple stops.

2. Circuit:

Circuit is a top-rated delivery route planner app that offers deep functionality to optimize multi-stop routes.

Circuit offers features like live tracking, seamless integration, and analytics, it enhances delivery efficiency.

The user-friendly mobile app and dedicated customer support make it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes. 

Circuit streamlines operations, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

How much are Circuit’s prices?

  • Free - Up to 10 stops/routes
  • 20$/month - Up to 500 stops/routes

Pros of using Circuit:

  • Free trial: Free seven-day trial of the Pro Plan (unlimited routes and stops) Circuit is free up to 10 stops.
  • Tracking features: Easily locate packages by notifying Circuit of their location at each stop.
  • Fully customizable: customize the duration of each stop and prioritize stops.
  • Compatible: works with your preferred navigation programs, such as Waze and Google Maps.

Cons of using Circuit:

  • Additional costs: limited free version with restricted features and a maximum of 10 stops.
  • Navigation apps reliance: possible dependency on external navigation apps for detailed turn-by-turn directions.
  • Internet dependency: requires internet connection for real-time route optimization and updates.
  • Limited customer support: limited customer support options, especially for free users.

In short, Circuit Route Planner's integration with Google Maps and Waze makes navigation smoother. You can even establish time windows and prioritize your deliveries. However, it may not be suitable for businesses with very complex or large-scale delivery operations.

Upper Route Planner:

Upper Route Planner is a software program for route planning and optimization, that offers two choices:

  1. For managing and streamlining daily delivery operations for small to medium-sized enterprises
  2. For individual drivers to plan and optimize routes.

If you frequently make deliveries to the same destinations, the Upper Route Planner software will automatically optimize your route and also allow you to save regular routes.

It claims that by using its route planning and optimization algorithm, you can cut your gasoline costs by 20%.

Some of the major characteristics:

  • Improve several stops along each route.
  • For each stop, include further instructions.
  • Create a delivery proof for tracking and record-keeping purposes.

You can insert addresses into Excel as an additional option, and you can export your optimal route to other navigational tools like Google Maps after that.

Provides driving preferences based on vehicle type and servicing time.

What are Upper Route Planner’s prices?

Although Upper Route Planner is a free app, you must either subscribe or purchase a daily pass to access all of its features if you want to access and synchronize unlimited routes.

  • $1.99/day - Valid for 24 hours only
  • $4.99/week
  • $19.99/month
  • $79.99/year

Pros of using Upper Route Planner:

  • Vehicle customization: ability to change parameters according to the vehicle type.
  • Integration: Uses more well-known navigational apps like Google Maps and Waze.
  • Route optimization and proof of delivery features.

Cons of using Upper Route Planner:

  • Plan restrictions: choosing a plan is challenging because there are many options that are restrictive of each other.
  • No free options.
  • Time-consuming: route exports require time and familiarity with other apps to synchronize addresses.
  • Customer complaints: ineffective route optimization.

Upper Route Planner is ideal for solo drivers because it allows for limitless stops and the planning of different routes on mobile devices. However, the optimization feature might not always be trustworthy.

3. Route4Me:

Route4Me offers an optimum route listing, a map with route lines, and turn-by-turn driving or walking directions after you enter up to thousands of stops.

You can share a route with friends or coworkers by email or directly into their Route4Me apps, or save it to your Route4Me account for later use.

Even better, you can construct a route, save it, and then alter it at a later time.

You have two alternatives to pick from: 

There are other subscription plans offered within these two options.

Route4Me prices:

Route4Me provides 10 stops for 10 routes per month on their mobile-only plan.

To get unlimited routes and stops, you have to enroll in a subscription:

  • $10/month
  • $79/year
  • Offers in-app purchases of between $1.00 - $319.99 per item

Pros of using Route4Me:

  • Keep track of progress by marking where you have been.
  • Store important information addresses.
  • Know how long a route will take and how much distance you will cover.

Cons of using Route4Me:

  • Additional fees for in-app purchases could quickly add up to the lower monthly cost.
  • Learning the software and getting started can be difficult due to a complicated user interface.
  • Some drivers report issues with Route4Me's optimization reliability.

In conclusion, you may track your progress, store addresses, and determine the time and distance of a journey with route4Me. Nevertheless, be mindful of the additional in-app purchase costs as well as any reported interface or optimization reliability problems.

4. RoadWarrior

RoadWarrior is a perfect choice for individual drivers but specifically for teams as it is carefully designed to make teams thrive.

To personalize the journey, you can add your own preferences, such as avoiding motorways or designing a one-way route.

In order to create an ideal route that you can modify, the system also takes into account factors like drop-off priority, traffic, school zones, and company availability.

When reaching your stops, you "Check In" as opposed to providing a proof of delivery. Your arrival times at each stop are recorded by the Check-Ins, which also signal that stop's completion in the route.

Additionally, FedEx integration has been introduced to the RoadWarrior Flex plan.

Pricing for RoadWarrior mobile app:

  • $10/month - maximum route size of 120 stops
  • $100/year - maximum route size of 120 stops/month

Pros of using Route4Me:

  • One of the least expensive options.ç
  • Mass upload of addresses
  • Upload of the manifest file for FedEx and OnTrac drivers

Cons of using Route4Me:

  • The free plan only gives you a maximum of 8 stops per route and 48 daily optimized stops.
  • Lacks proof of delivery which has been switched for “Check In”
  • Drivers claim that the app can be slow, difficult to use, and prone to route optimization errors.

In short, RoadWarrior’s number of stops per route and per day is restricted in both the free and paid versions of the apps. Some drivers prefer alternative options because the app might occasionally be glitchy.

Comparative table of key findings:

4 Tips for Optimizing Delivery Routes

Even if you're using the greatest app available There are still several methods to improve the efficiency of your delivery route.

Here are some advic

es for last-mile delivery services:

  1. Group deliveries by location: By organizing your deliveries by location, you can save down on trip time and distance while increasing delivery effectiveness.
  2. Make your deliveries a priority: Put your deliveries in order of importance depending on their size, distance, and urgency. By doing so, you can guarantee that the most crucial deliveries are made first and the less critical ones can wait.
  3. Use real-time traffic updates: To prevent delays and traffic congestion and to maintain your delivery schedule, use the real-time traffic information provided by your delivery route planner app.
  4. Order status: Inform your clients of the status of their deliveries and the anticipated arrival date for their items. This might increase client satisfaction and lessen delivery mistakes.

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